Table Games


At Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA) dominoes is one of the table games that we play every Saturday morning at The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre

We play both the Old Game (run out) and Threes & Fives.

Blind members

We also have special sets for use by our blind members. The spots are raised to make them easier to feel.

Whether you are an experienced player or would like to learn the game, come along and have a look on a Saturday morning.


This game, also known as Reversi, is difficult to describe without the board, but is very easy to learn. It can be played online, but that's not as much fun as playing it at Rugby Sport for the Disabled Associaion on a Saturday morning, where you may pick up a lot of tactical advice.

Some of the other games that need no explanation include:


Shove Halfpenny

Connect Four

Table Football

These are just some of the games that we play. Come along and you will almost certainly find something suitable for you.


We have helpers available to do the scoring, provide tuition or just to give you a game.

If you think that you could volunteer to be a helper, come along and see how much you enjoy it.