Covid 19

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The Swiss Cheese model

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The first is the current timetable for easy lockdown

This is advice on reasonable adjustments that ca be made for people being vaccinated

If you or someone you care for cannot wear a face mask you may find this site very useful.It provides Easy-Read information

Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA)

If you have a disability or would like to help, come and see us. We meet at:

Every Sunday, from 2pm to 4pm

Once a year we have a major sports day that is run for us by The Three Rotary Clubs of Rugby,

the main one being

The Rotary Club of Rugby

Local Groups

Can be found by clicking this link

Local Groups


Is a national charity for wheelchair sport

The World Crossbow Shooting Association

As many of you will know, we have a World Champion in our midst! To have a look at some of Iris's achievements and to see at bit more about

The World Crossbow Shooting Association

click on: World Crossbow Shooting Association


"We are here simply because we care" I think you all can agree that is a sentiment we all share. That comment was made by Ableize your only stop to find out about disability products and services in your area.

Parking at St Cross Hospital

TheBestOf Rugby

Does what it says on the tin. It provides a guide to the best of everything in Rugby.

It must be good, because we are in it.

For a guide to the best of everything else in Rugby that you might want, have a look at:


Rugby Advertiser


an informative site.


This is a government site

Parking4less offer a useful guide called "The Full guide to Flying with a Disability"

flying with a disability

And for insurance:

Holidays for the visually impaired

Robert Franklin has been to the Belmont Hotel in Llandudno, which specialises in catering for guests with visual impairment. He has been to other places, but thinks that this one is really something special.

Government links

Here is a government link that you might find useful

Care and Carers.

The first link is aimed mainly at care for the elderly, but contains general help and advice as well.