Because of Covid 19

Our activities have been altered. As of April 25th our sessions are from 2 pm to 4 pm on a Sunday.

This is a temporary measure and we hope to revert to our usual time as soon as possible.

There is a separate session, organised by the leisure centre, from 3 to 4 pm on Tuesday, in the Studio Pool, set at a depth of 1.8 metres.

This link will give you some helpful information, but not all of it will apply to us.

swimming procedures

If you have a disability come along and try swimming at one of our Sunday afternoon sessions. We have about a third of the pool from 2 to 4 pm at The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre

If you can't swim expert tuition is available to teach you, with years of experience at adapting strokes for a wide range of disabilities, whether for competition or just for recreation.

If you need help before you get to the pool we have a range of equipment at our disposal including a changing couch, and a Poolpod platform lift. We also have willing helpers to assist you.

Changing rooms aids

We have a changing couch available and a mobile hoist with which you can be lifted into the shower chair, which can then clamp on to the poolside hoist.

Poolside Access

The Poolpod, the state-of-the-art platform lift, will provide easy access into the pool. It will carry one person in one of the chairs provided or two people standing

The pool is one metre deep at the point of entry.

Flotation aids

We have a range of flotation aids including barbells, armbands, neck collars and more, along with teaching aids designed to make learning fun for the younger swimmers.


Helpers are always at hand to assist with entry and exit and a limited supply of helpers are available in the water, to provide physical assistance or expert tuition.

Helpers may also be available in the changing rooms.


To make swimming, or messing about in the water, more fun, we have splashnights, more details of which are on the Social and Fundraising page

If in doubt, come along and have a look at us before committing yourself.