Kurling is based on the sport of Curling in which polished granite stones are slid across ice to a target area.

Kurling has adapted this idea by replacing the polished stone with a rubber-coated one, which runs on high quality heavy duty bearings. This means that the game can be played on any flat level surface. Equally importantly, because the stones are much lighter, almost anyone can play.

The stones have easy to grip handles and they can be “delivered” by hand, with a special stick or by sliding them down a ramp.

For competitions there are strict rules to be adhered to, but there are many forms of the game that are just for fun

At Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA) we have all the equipment required for people with a vast range of abilities and disabilities. You can have a friendly game any Saturday morning, from 9 o’clock onwards, at The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre

Come and give it a try, along with the other sports and activities that we have to offer, or if you could provide help, come along and give that a go.