Boccia is a game that is similar to bowls, that was originally introduced to this country to be played by people with cerebal palsy.

It is now played worldwide by disabled and able-bodied people alike. The rules specify that it must be played from a sitting position, however, to ensure that people in wheelchairs can compete with ambulant people on an equal basis. People with almost any disability can find a way to play Boccia.

The balls, which are made of synthetic leather, can be rolled across the floor, thrown, kicked or rolled down a chute, depending or the players preferences or abilities. If necessary the balls can be placed on the shute by an assistant, who must face away from the field of play throughout the game.

Competition Boccia has very precise rules about the dimensions of the court, position of players and manner of play.

At Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA) it is generally played on a much more informal basis during our normal sessions.

The general principle of the game is that a white jack is placed by one of the competitors.

The competitors or competing teams then take it in turns to throw one ball. From then on the side that has a ball closest to the jack sits back while the opposition tries to get closer.

When this happens they swap and the other team plays. This continues until all six balls on each side have been played.

This is a game that anybody can try, no matter what your ability or disability, so come along to The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre on a Saturday morning and give it a go.