Archery (including crossbow) is a thriving activity within Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA)

Shooting is at 12.00pm on Thursdays . Beginners will have a period of one to one tuition before they join in the main activity in the sports hall at The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre (QDJC).

All archers are also enrolled as members of the Grand National Archery Society (GNAS), now usually referred to as Archery GB.

Archery is a sport in which able bodied and disabled people can compete on equal terms. Loss of sight or a limb or function in a limb does not rule archery out as a viable sport. There is usually some way, if necessary, in which it is possible to adapt equipment or technique to allow an individual to take part and achieve.There is no restriction on the type of bow used. Long bow, recurve and crossbow are all welcome.We have equipment that allows us to provide tuition for complete novices and training for intermediate archers to bring them to a level of competency where some of them may consider purchase of their own bow. If they do we can give advice on choice of equipment to buy.Coaching is an ongoing thing. Help will be given at any time as it is seen to be required, or until the archer has progressed to the next level of proficiency. For those who wish we can show string-making technique. Care of the equipment will be taken as a matter of course as the archer progresses.Members can attend several archery events for people with a disability each year. Two of these are held in Rugby. Those who reach the required standard can compete in GNAS open shoots.


We have a group of adept crossbow shooters, using both sporting and tournament class bows. Some are members of the National Crossbow Federation and regularly take part in their shoots.

We have both a male and a female World Crossbow Shooting Association Assisted World Champions amongst our RSDA members who shoot on most Thursday afternoons.

We can truly say that we cater for the novice through to the World Champion.

In the overall rankings which include all the different classes of able-bodied shooters as well as the disabled, the world number 1 Target Crossbow indoor shooter and the world number 1 Sport Crossbow Indoor shooter are members of RSDA

Like the idea?

Want a challenge?

Fancy having a go?

Just come to The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre and ask for us. When you get to the sports hall you will have to wait just inside the door until you are invited in, for safety reasons, but somebody will quickly greet you and introduce you to the archery organiser