Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA)

use the main sports hall at the:

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre

We use part of the main pool for 2 hours and the main hall for 2.5 hours every Sunday afternoon.

We also do archery and crossbow on a Thursday afternoon ,between noon and 3pm.

The activities that we provide are too numerous to mention so, if you have a disability, the best thing to do is to come along and have a look at us. Don't make any commitment until you are sure that you like us and that we can help you.

If you don't see any activities that would be suitable for you, ask one of our helpers. Even in a large hall we don't have all of the equipment out all of the time. If you have any special needs the equipment may be in a cupboard, waiting to be got out for you. We cater for everybody, from the raw beginner up to world championship level and for people with a wide range of disabilities.

Details of just some of our activities are given on separate pages and we are constantly adding to the list. Frisbee sports and trampolining are recent additions..

In addition to our regular weekly sessions, an annual sports day is run for us by

The Rotary Club of Rugby and Rugby's two other Rotary Clubs; Rotary Rugby Dunsmore and

The Rotary Club of Rugby Saturday Breakfast