Return to Swimming

Post date: Apr 13, 2021 9:37:28 AM

On Sunday April 25th we returned to swimming on a limited basis. For a short while swimming sessions are on a Sunday afternoon and we have two lanes of the main pool.. You must book for these sessions, Ideally this should be done either by an app on a smartphone or on the GLL website

Swimming Bookings

The RSDA sessions can be booked up to 5 days in advance.

If you feel independent enough you could book a place in the "Swim for Fitness" sessions that will be taking part in the other lanes.

It may be possible to book at the centre on the day but places are very limited and may all be taken.

You must book for one of the two sessions: 2 pm or 3 pm. It will not be possible to book for both or to overrun from one into the other. Only cashless payments will be accepted and the price has not been changed from the £2.60 that it was in 2019.

If you will need a helper please try to bring one as helpers from the association will also be very limited.

As before, helpers do not need to pay, nor do they need to book.

If you do need help from us please let us know. Don't let it stop you coming.

The disabled changing rooms are available for those who need them, but if you don't need them please follow the rules for the general public and arrive with your swimming gear on underneath your clothes, remove outer clothing by the poolside and put your clothes in a bag poolside. You will need to bring your own bag. When you have finished your swim you will be able to use the showers and changing rooms. The cafe will not be able to open yet, so you will then have to leave the building. Attached is a guide to using the booking system on the GLL web page.