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Club Championships

Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA) runs various competitions throughout the year to encourage members to try a variety of sports. These are collectively referred to as 

The Club Championship

Strictly speaking they should be called the association championships, but they always have been referred to as the club championships, so Club Championships it is.

These are the dates for 2020:
 28th March Boccia
 16th May 
 20th June 
 11th July 
 12th September 
 ? September 
 24th October 
 5th December 

The  club championship rules are attached below.
We also run:

The Clem Griffiths Championship

This is to encourage our newer members to try a variety of sports and to get involved in competition.
It is only open to members who have joined in the last 5 years.
The rules are in the attached document.
The top 11 placings are:

For 2020 and beyond a handicapping system will be used to give more members a chance of winning.

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