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Christmas arrangements

posted 7 Dec 2018, 07:29 by Bernard Purdy

Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA) will be operating as normal on Saturdays throughout the Christmas and New Year period. We will only have 4 courts of the sports hall rather than the usual 6,  for some of the time on Saturday 22nd December, but we will still be offering the usual range of activities.
Archery and Crossbow will not take place on 27th December or 3rd January because the hall will be used for a play scheme during the holiday period.

Christmas Cards

Members may bring Christmas cards in to exchange with other members, up to December 15th, if they wish but, if they are not received by the addressee any cards brought in after Saturday 15th December will not be forwarded. They will be thrown away. Please make sure that the intended recipient is a member before leaving any cards as we can only forward the cards if we have their addresses.

Trampolining January 12th 2019

posted 1 Dec 2018, 08:17 by Bernard Purdy   [ updated 1 Dec 2018, 08:18 ]

The first trampolining session of the new year will be on January 12th 2019.
Both trampolines will again be used from 10am to 11am
Participants are advised to wear either tracksuit bottoms or shorts rather than jeans..
The calendar on this site will be updated as future dates are decided.

Special Performance of Dick Whittington

posted 13 Nov 2018, 07:22 by Bernard Purdy

This performance is specially intended for children with learning difficulties or hearing impairments.
Please let me know if you are interested.

Christmas Newsletter

posted 6 Nov 2018, 12:18 by Bernard Purdy   [ updated 11 Nov 2018, 08:13 ]

Christmas Newsletter


Unfortunately Mike will not be able to produce a Christmas newsletter this year, as he is finding it too difficult to use the computer between his cataract operation.

The committee will, however, be sending out a brief newssheet and membership renewal forms.
We will be able to include some Christmas greetings, so please let me have them by 8th December.
They won't be in a fancy newsletter, just on a sheet of paper.

We all send our best wishes to Mike and hope that he has a speedy recovery, partly because he's a nice bloke and partly because we need him!

Bernard Purdy

Christmas Party

posted 26 Sep 2018, 01:59 by Bernard Purdy   [ updated 24 Oct 2018, 03:29 ]

This is not far away, so book soon.
The information is slightly inaccurate: We will have LIVE  MUSIC, not a disco, but my computer will not let me update the image.

Walking Football

posted 11 Jul 2018, 02:45 by Bernard Purdy   [ updated 15 Jul 2018, 01:38 ]

This may be of interest. It may be too late for the first week, but not for the following  weeks.

FREE Indoor Walking Football Sessions – Starting 11th July

Wednesdays 10:30am – 11:30am

Age UK Claremont Centre, Clifton Road, Rugby, CV21 3QE
Male and Females of all ages are welcome to come along and join in!
Tea/Coffee available afterwards

For more information please email or call 01788 533711

No Archery/Crossbow Dec 27th, Jan 3rd

posted 22 May 2018, 08:54 by Bernard Purdy   [ updated 1 Dec 2018, 08:09 ]

We have been informed by the Queen's Diamond Leisure Centre that the hall will not be available to RSDA for our archery and crossbow sessions on Thursdays 27th December and 3rd January.
Our Saturday morning sessions will not be affected

RSDA tops the World Crossbow Rankings

posted 3 Sep 2014, 11:52 by Bernard Purdy   [ updated 28 Aug 2016, 01:25 ]

Three members of Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA) now head the world rankings in crossbow shooting.
The World Crossbow Shooting Association (WCSA) rankings include all categories:
Men, Ladies, Juniors, Seniors and Disabled.

Target Crossbow

 As of August 2016 the number 1 ranking in both Indoor and Outdoor Target  Crossbow shooting is RSDA member Iris Bingham.

Sport Crossbow

As of August 2016 the number 1 ranking Indoor Sport Crossbow shooting is RSDA member Graeme Mooney followed by fellow member Kevin Rumble who is ranked number 2 and Mick Watters at number 4
Hazel Duckett and Stewart Morris  are also in the top ten
Graeme Mooney and Kevin Rumble are also in the top 5 in the outdoor category.
Congratulations to all of them

The Passing of KMLC

posted 9 Aug 2013, 11:44 by Bernard Purdy   [ updated 2 Oct 2017, 00:36 ]

The Ken Marriott Leisure Centre finally seems to have gone for good.

Now you see it

Taken on 8th August 2013

Now you don't

Taken on 10th August 2013

Apparently it came down on the afternoon of 9th August 2013

Meanwhile, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre is nearly there

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