Archery and Crossbow over the Christmas period

posted by Bernard Purdy

As the sports hall at The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre will not be available on a Thursday now until 9th January 2020 there will be no Archery or Crossbow until then.
RSDA's Saturday morning activities will not be affected and will run throughout the Christmas period.

Trampolining 14th December

posted 9 Dec 2019, 09:53 by Bernard Purdy   [ updated 10 Dec 2019, 03:12 ]

The date set for the next RSDA trampolining session is Saturday 14th December
Both trampolines will be used from 10.30am to 11.30am
This time has been chosen to make easier for those who want to have a swim first.
Participants are advised to wear either tracksuit bottoms or shorts rather than jeans and to remove shoes to avoid damage to the trampolines. They should wear socks to prevent injury to feet.
They should also avoid jewellery and have any long hair tied back to prevent injury.

For insurance purposes we now keep a register of those taking part. Please ensure that your name is on the register before starting.
The dates currently agreed for our trampoline sessions are:
14th December     2019
18th January         2020

No Archery or Crossbow on 19th December

posted 5 Dec 2019, 14:20 by Bernard Purdy

There will be no archery or crossbow on the above date as workmen will be replacing the lighting in the hall  at The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre with modern LED units. It is thought that the work will be completed before our Saturday session, but we will be kept posted.

Christmas Cards

posted 1 Dec 2019, 04:50 by Bernard Purdy   [ updated 1 Dec 2019, 05:10 ]

The final collection for the Scout Post this year is Thursday 19th December. This means that if you want RSDA to forward any cards that you bring in for other members the last date that you can do this will be Saturday 14th December. 
Any cards brought in after that date and not collected will  have to be disposed of.
This service is only for cards between  our members.
The Christmas Greetings in the Newsletter will not be available this year, so you will have to get personal about it.

Annual General Meeting

posted 9 Nov 2019, 09:09 by Bernard Purdy   [ updated 13 Nov 2019, 04:03 ]

Our Annual General Meeting for the year 2019 will be held at:
On Saturday 7th March 2020 at 10:30am.
Only those who are paid-up members by 15th February will be entitled to vote.
Light refreshments will be available on arrival.

The Clem Griffiths Championship

posted 14 May 2019, 04:33 by Bernard Purdy

Following the the reintroduction of The Club Championship this year we have now decided to bring back the Clem Griffiths Championship.
This championship originally started in 2011 in memory of Clem Griffiths, who was our chairman for a period of 16 years until his tragic death in 2010.
The idea of the championship is to encourage newer members to try different sports and have a go at competitions. It is only open to members who have joined in the last 5 years. 
The rules are attached.

RSDA tops World Crossbow Rankings

posted 29 Apr 2019, 04:13 by Bernard Purdy

Three members of Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA) are in top places in the 
As of the end of December 2018:

Iris Bingham

 is ranked 1st in the Target Bow Indoor and Target Bow Outdoor rankings and 4th in the Sport Bow Indoor rankings.

Graeme Mooney 

is ranked 1st in Sport Bow Indoor rankings and 2nd in the Sport Bow Outdoor rankings. 

Kevin Rumble

is ranked 2nd in the Sport Bow Indoor rankings. 

In the 2018 World Indoor Championships Iris won 2 Gold medals on her own and 1 as part of a team with Graeme and Kevin.
Graeme won 1 Gold on his own and 1 as part of the team.
Kevin won a Silver on his own and a Gold as part of the team. 
Iris set 2 World Records on her own and 2 as part of a team with Graeme.

Price increase at The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre

posted 30 Mar 2019, 09:15 by Bernard Purdy   [ updated 26 Nov 2019, 00:47 ]

As of the beginning of April 2019, the admission fee to The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre for members  of Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA) is  a still very reasonable £2.50

The Passing of KMLC

posted 9 Aug 2013, 11:44 by Bernard Purdy   [ updated 2 Oct 2017, 00:36 ]

The Ken Marriott Leisure Centre finally seems to have gone for good.

Now you see it

Taken on 8th August 2013

Now you don't

Taken on 10th August 2013

Apparently it came down on the afternoon of 9th August 2013

Meanwhile, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre is nearly there

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