Crossbow February 2014

posted 25 Feb 2014, 08:48 by Bernard Purdy

At the weekend the National Crossbow Federation held two 18m shoots, one at Rugby and the other at Glevum and members of Rugby Sport for the Disabled |Association (RSDA) gained many medals.

The Saturday Rugby shoot was to allow RSDA and NCF members to gain a score towards the World Crossbow Shooting Association’s bi-annual World Indoor Postal Championship. In September each competitor must enter two 18m scores, each with 60 shots, one with a 25cm face and the other with a 40cm face.

The Rugby shoot on Saturday was held at the fabulous new Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Centre. The lighting and temperature were ideal. Kevin Rumble said, “I’m glad I’ve changed from archery to crossbow and now I have the opportunity of entering lots of competitions. It’s great fun”. To gain a ring ten the bolt must be completely inside, and not touching, the ten ring.

Everyone shot at the very small 25cm Vegas target. The RSDA assisted results were:-



1st Hazel Duckett 557 with 6 ring tens


1st Kevin Rumble 543 with 7 ring tens

2nd Mick Watters 526 with 3 ring tens

3rd Graeme Mooney 497 with 4 ring tens



1st Iris Bingham 597 with 36 ring tens

Other Sporting Gold medals


1st Chris Bristow 536 with 7 ring tens

At the Sunday Glevum shoot the temperature in the rifle range, with heaters on, reached 3 degrees!!! Everyone used a 40cm face. Graeme said, “I’m delighted with today’s score and I didn’t mind the cold”. Iris’s score was very impressive, despite being frozen.

RSDA Gold medals in the Assisted divisions were won by:-


Graeme Mooney 577 with 20 ring tens


Iris Bingham 598 with 55 ring tens



The Pud Shoot - December 2013

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Eight members from Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA) won prizes of Christmas Puddings at the annual 18m ‘Pud Shoot’ and many won raffle prizes too. This festive event, which attracted over 30 competitors, was held at Wolverhampton.  Archers Peter Spiers and Luke Brewer expressed their delight at taking part in their first competition and winning a Christmas pudding. Arbalist Malcolm Scott said, "I had a great shoot in the first half then my trigger jammed. Graeme Mooney kindly lent me his bow, as he was shooting in a different session, to complete the competition”. Iris Bingham was delighted with her score despite a painful thumb, following a fall, which turned out to be fractured. Look out everyone, it was Mick’s first shoot and he means business!
The archers shot at a 60cm target and the crossbow shooters at a 40cm target. To score a ring ten, it had to be completely inside the 10 ring.
The results out of 600 were:


Kevin Rumble 317

Luke Brewer 277

Peter Spiers 205

Michael Aldous 121


Assisted Tournament Crossbow

Iris Bingham 600 with 56 ring tens

Assisted Sporting Gents Crossbow

Mick Watters 574 with 21 ring tens

Malcolm Scott 572 with 33 ring tens

Graeme Mooney 561 with 12 ring tens


25m NCF Nationals, November 2013

posted 24 Nov 2013, 06:32 by Bernard Purdy

25m NCF Nationals

Two members of Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA) returned from the 25m National Championships in Gloucester with gold medals and hopefully World Crossbow Shooting Association Assisted (Disabled) World and European record(s) too.

The National Crossbow Federation of Great Britain (NCF) organises one 25m shoot each year. Iris Bingham said: “Last year we received World and European records shooting 25m with a 60cm target. The rules changed and we now hope some NCF members will receive records using a 40cm face.” Graeme Mooney added: “We can’t practice this distance and the 3 spot, smaller, target was so difficult at this distance. The ten ring was only 4cm across. The temperature was about 12C as there was little heating in the rifle range but, for a change, the lighting was good. It was a great but challenging shoot”.
RSDA Gold awards, with final totals out of 600, were won by:

  1st Session
  2nd Session
  Total Ring 10s
 Graeme Mooney
 270  265  535 5
 Iris Bingham
 292  293  585 28


10m Crossbow, October 2013

posted 24 Nov 2013, 04:16 by Bernard Purdy

Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA) members Malcolm Scott and Iris Bingham won Gold and the National Assisted titles at the National Crossbow Federation’s 10m National shoot held at Streetly at the weekend. Graeme Mooney achieved Silver.

To score a ten at this unique shoot, the bolt must be completely inside, and not just touching the two and a half centimetre ten circle. Competitors must shoot one bolt into each of the four 25cm target faces.
Graeme said: “I really enjoyed the shoot but it was very frustrating and I had to concentrate very hard”. Iris added: “It is quite strange to shoot 4 bolts every end and not 3 as usual. Many of my shots needed the judge to use a magnifying glass to see if the bolt was touching the line”. Malcolm said that despite the poor light and the cold, he was reasonably pleased with the result.

The National Crossbow Federation held an AGM during the lunch break where Iris presented the annual accounts.

RSDA assisted results, with scores out of 800, were:

Lady Tournament Gold:    Iris Bingham 383+390=773

Gent Sporting Gold:         Malcolm Scott 386+375=761

Gent Sporting Silver:        Graeme Mooney 353+368=747

World Crossbow Championships 2013

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World Crossbow Championships, August 2013

Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA) member Iris Bingham has shot her way to 2 Crossbow World Champion Titles, 2 Gold medals and 1 Silver.

The World Crossbow Shooting Association event was held in Visby on the island of Gotland in Sweden. The competitors came from 10 countries including the USA, GB, Germany, Australia, Japan, India, Sweden, Ireland, Finland and Estonia.

The Target Championships took place in the town’s stadium. The first day the swirling wind was a big problem but Iris achieved her highest score this year of 822/900, shooting at 65m, 55m and 45m on to a 60cm target. On the second day, the distances were shot in reverse and after super scores for the 45m and 55m there was a problem with the bow, so the prod was replaced. Iris was delighted to take the Assisted Gold, winning by 64 points.
After the finish, not happy with the bow, the trigger, prod and string were all changed ready for the matchplay the following day, a 9 shot knockout competition at 55m. Unfortunately the practice session did not take place as expected. Iris was pleased to win the Silver, losing by 1 point to Sharon from Australia.

During the day Iris officiated as an International Judge at the finals of the Medieval, Woman’s and Senior Men’s Matchplay competitions.

Iris’s 2nd World title came for the Forest round. The 48 shots each day were at 24 animal pictures or 3D solid animals set out in the forest, down steep hills, around trees or high on a rock face. Distances, between 8m and 45m, were unmarked and difficult to judge. Iris was initially told that morning that the course was unsafe for wheelchairs, but 12 targets had been selected for her. With the assistance of 3 strong helpers Iris shot but on the first day only.
Iris said: “I was pleased with my performance especially as I missed 4-5 months of training due to an accident. I realise I now need to replace much equipment, including 3 broken prods. The Banquet was a medieval meal in the Bishop’s Party House from the 1400s. This was in keeping with the fabulous annual Medieval Festival held the previous week”. Iris now looks forward to the next World Championships in 2015 in Florida.
Iris’s results  for the Target Event were:
  Day 1
  Day 2
 55m 45m  
 Score 265277
 275 247  1631

Solihull Sports Day 2013

posted 6 Aug 2013, 12:19 by Bernard Purdy

Ten Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA) members entered the Sports Day for the Disabled at Solihull and two came back with a Gold medal.

The event was organised by the Rotary Club of Solihull. Two of our helpers, Bethan and John, ran the Kurling and young Aurora helped with the Boccia Bowls competition.

Each competitor could choose 2 main events and everyone was entered for the four have-a-Go competitions of Table Skittles, Mini Golf, Target Bean Bag and New Age Bowls. The Boccia, which was a knock-out competition, had about 40 entries.

Our members and helpers picked up many prizes on the raffle. Then, after 5 hours of competition, medal time arrived. Awards which were given for Gold and Silver only, were won by-:

Alexander Powers:     GOLD: Mini Golf

Iris Bingham:             GOLD: Boccia

Rupert Strauch was third on the Mini-Golf and Iris third on Target Beanbag.


Glevum Crossbow Shoot, July 2013

posted 6 Aug 2013, 12:19 by Bernard Purdy

Two members of Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA) came away with Gold medals from a shoot organised by the National Crossbow Federation of GB. It was held at Glevum.

The weather was sunny and windy even though the shooting line was under cover. The ground is high up in the Gloucestershire countryside. Iris Bingham said, “The wind was a problem at times but I was delighted with my score”. Malcolm Scott expressed his surprise when he missed the target and, after changing distances Graeme Mooney had 2 misses.

The distances were 50m and 40m (with a 60cm face) and 30m with a 40cm 3 spot face. Sporting arbalists shot 40m, 30m and 20m, with similar size faces.

RSDA results in the Assisted divisions were:


Iris Bingham
 283 293 290 866 Gold


 Total/600 Medal
Malcolm Scott
 573 Gold
Graeme Mooney
 177 186 173 536 Silver

National Crossbow Federation Shoot June 2013

posted 6 Aug 2013, 12:19 by Bernard Purdy

Four members of Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA) came back with medals, 3 Gold and 1Silver, in the assisted divisions at the National Crossbow Federation’s shoot in Derby.
The weather was ideal for shooting. The tournament division in the World Crossbow Shooting Association (WCSA) 900 round had 30 shots each at 65m, 55m and 45m and the Sporting shooters in the WCSA 600 round had 20 shots at 55m, 45m and 35m. Everyone had a 60cm target, so the ten ring was only 6cm in diameter.
Hazel Duckett said, “It’s the first time I’ve shot these distances for a year and enjoyed the experience, but it was frustrating at times”. Iris Bingham said, “During the first distance there was a bang and my prod had broken; that’s £125.00 down the drain. My replacement prod had not been used for years and it took 4 or 5 ends of shooting to settle down with it losing about 20 points but I was more than happy with the final result.”
Iris believes that Malcolm Scott has broken some National records.
The results out of 900 for Tournament and 600 for Sporting Bows are:

Sporting Crossbow


   55m 45m   35m  Total
 Malcolm Scott  175  168  185  528
Hazel Duckett  139  149  140  428


 Graeme Mooney  147  166  167  480



   65m 55m  45m   Total
 Iris Bingham  251  279  288  818

National Crossbow Federation Shoot, May 2013

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At the National Crossbow Federation’s shoot in May in Derby, 3 RSDA members of Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA) came back with medals, 2 Gold and 1 Silver, in the assisted divisions.

The gale force winds during the first distance made shooting very difficult. In the 2nd and 3rd distances it rained heavily and remained windy, causing some shooters to retire. It was taking 4 shooters to pull some of the bolts out of the wet straw bosses.

The tournament division had 30 shots each at 65m, 55m and 45m and the Sporting shooters had 20 shots at 55m, 45m and 35m. Everyone had a 60cm target. This is the first NCF competition this year with these distances. Malcolm Scott said, “It’s the worst weather I’ve shot in. Graeme Mooney agreed, adding I enjoyed the experience and getting a William Tell (shot one bolt inside another)”. Iris Bingham said, “I am delighted with my score, just reaching the magic 800 despite the atrocious conditions”.

The results out of 900 for Tournament and 600 for Sporting Bows were:



 65m 55m 45m Total
 Iris Bingham
 248 271 281 800

Sporting Crossbow


 35m Total
 Malcolm Scott


 Graeme Mooney

Woodlands Crossbow, March 2013

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At the National Crossbow Federation of GB’s National Indoor 18m Championships, 2 Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA) members, Iris Bingham and Malcolm Scott, achieved gold with exceptionally good scores.
The event was held at Streetly. The hall at a camp site has no heating and broken windows, so the temperature was about 4 - 5 degrees. Despite being well wrapped up, everyone was very cold. It was noticeably warmer outdoors.
Iris said, “I was delighted with the first 21 shots as everyone was a ring ten (completely inside the 4cm ten ring). Then my trigger broke. With a replacement trigger I had a few mucky tens and a 9 and but succeeded to only drop the one point”. Malcolm was disappointed to drop 6 points but it was still a splendid result.
Rugby’s gold medal winners with scores out of 600 were:

Assisted Lady:     Iris Bingham         300 + 299   TOTAL 599

Assisted Gent:     Malcolm Scott      298 + 296   TOTAL 594

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